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Scooter Foot Rest

Offering a huge selection of scooter foot rests is what we do best. To provide greater mileage, it is made of stainless steel. This range comes with an ACG starter, which eliminates gear meshing noise to start the engine quietly. Scooter Foot Rest offers the best value due to low maintenance requirements and efficient operation. It serves as a barrier between the ambient and the silencer and safeguards against any signs.

Access 125 Rear Foot Rest

Jupiter Rear Foot Rest

Activa 6G Rear Foot Rest

We are successfully engaged in providing a broad variety of Activa 6G Rear Foot Rest. It is made with a stainless steel material to deliver a better mileage. This range is equipped with ACG starter which starts the engine silently by removing the gear meshing noise. Activa 6G Rear Foot Rest give best of economy due to lack of maintenance and good performance. It protects for all indicators and acts as a barrier between the silencer or the atmosphere.

Activa New Rear Foot Rest

Ladies Foot Rest